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Cyrilla arida

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Scrub Titi

Scrub Titi is a very rare shrub discovered in the early 20th century by J.K. Small.  It occurred in desert-like scrub habitat in central Florida but was lost and taxonomically questioned for years. With Kenneth Wurdack we rediscovered it after much searching.  We found a tiny population on a very xeric site in Highlands County, Florida. The site may now have been developed. Scrub Titi may now be exinct in the wild but is now well established in cultivation and proving suprisingly hardy (Atlanta) and a very worthy garden ornamental. Other Cyrilla are wetland plants but Cyrilla arida is native on deep sterile sand with other xerophytic plants. It is however proving to be horticulturally adaptable and is very free flowering with white racemes in the summer.

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8-12 Feet


6-8 Feet


USDA Hardiness Zone 7 -9

Characteristics & Attributes

Tardily Deciduous
Soil Properties