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Hamelia patens


This plant is a shrub in the tropics and south Florida.  It is a perennial to 4 feet or more in the Deep South.  This heat tolerant bush has reddish leaves and tubular red flowers and has become very popular in Texas.  Cut back plants after the frost kills the tops. Mound 10 inches of coarse sand over the stubs. Mulch over with pine straw. As weather warms, remove this covering to allow new shoots to emerge. Given rich soil and ample water, these plants will thrive during hot summers.  This website give excellent information: ufl.edu/Hort/GardenPubsAZ/Firebush_Hamelia_patens.pdf .  We have both the varieties patens and glabra, the latter probably the cultivar 'Firefly'.    

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5-6 Feet


5-6 Feet


USDA Hardiness Zone 8-10

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