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Clerodendrum indicum

Photo courtesy of Jeff Stevens.

Turk's Turban

Tall perennial with tyically unbranched leafy stems with long narrowly elliptic leaves. Stems are topped with long cluster of showy tubular white flowers which are followed by black berries. This is a striking plant but it can be invasive if allowed free run of a sunny bed. Cut back plants after the frost kills the tops. Mound 10 inches of coarse sand over the stubs. Mulch over with pine straw. As weather warms, remove this covering to allow new shoots to emerge. Given rich soil and ample water, these plants will thrive during hot summers. Native to India and Myanmar (Burma)

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8-10 Feet


6-8 Feet

Bloom Color
Naturalized in Southern USA


USDA Hardiness Zone 8-10

Characteristics & Attributes

Growth Rate in the Garden
Soil Properties
Sun Requirements
Full Sun to Part Shade

Additional Information:

Naturalized in Southern USA