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Smilax smallii

Photo credit J.C. Raulston Arboretum at NC State University

Jackson Vine, Lance-leaf Greenbriar

This high climbing vine is valued for its shiny evergreen foliage.  It is a great vine for trellis, porch, or cut for long lasting decoration. Female plants have green berries which turn black. It is mostly thornless except on young shoots near the ground. It grows from a large potato-like tuber and new shoots grow rapidly in spring once the root system is established.  Plant in site with sun to part shade and in sandy garden soil.  It will need a support to climb on. It climbs by tendrils which wrap around small diameter objects. Foliage on mature stems is oval but young shoots may have arrowhead shaped leaves. This southeastern U.S. native vine is one of our most popular plants and is the plant that gave Evergreen, Alabama the name.

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20-30 Feet


USDA Hardiness Zone 7-9

Characteristics & Attributes