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Myrica pumila 'Willow Leaf'

Southern Dwarf Waxmyrtle Cultivar

Morella is the now preferred name for the genus.  The dwarf waxmyrtle native to frequently burned pinelands in the southern U.S. is also known as Myrica cerifera pumila or Myrica pusilla.    It is a dense spreading evergreen shrub with small aromatic leaves that can form patches or colonies by underground runners. Female plants have small dark berries similar to those of the larger Waxmyrtle (Myrica cerifera). Woodlanders may have been one of the first nurseries to make this shrub available to the gardening public. It makes a good ornamental plant in sandy, well-drained, acid soil in a sunny location. 'Willow leaf' is a distinct variant of the Dwarf Waxmyrtle. It has leaves longer and more narrow than the typical form. This Woodlanders'introduction is a selection we made some years ago in Wheeler County, Georgia.

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2-3 Feet


2-3 Feet


USDA Hardiness Zone 8-9

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Full Sun to Part Shade