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Acer barbatum

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Florida Maple

Acer barbatum is a medium to large deciduous oval shaped tree related to the Northern Sugar Maple and sometimes classified as Acer saccharum ssp.floridanum or as Acer floridanum. More heat-tolerant than Northern Sugar Maple, it is smaller in all it's parts and the leaves are whitish beneath. Found on fertile, moist, well-drained, often calcareous soils and often near streams. A good shade tree for the South. The trunk on older specimens resembles that on the Northern Sugar Maple, which is an attractive gray with longitudinal ribs. The fall color is a good yellow. Native to the southeastern U.S.

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30-50 Feet


20-30 Feet


USDA Hardiness Zone (6)7-9

Characteristics & Attributes

Growth Rate in the Garden
Moderate to Fast
Soil Properties
Sun Requirements
Full Sun to Part Shade