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Cudrania cochinchinensis

Cockspur Thorn

This spiny sprawling or vining shrub has glossy evergreen leaves.  It is sometimes classified as a Maclura and is related to our Osage Orange.  Apparently widespresd in eastern Asia down to Australia it seems rare and little known in North America.  Perhaps known  to some bonsai enthusiasts.   We encountered this plant years ago at Pinewood Estate, a winter home built in the 1930's in the exclusive Mountain Lake development at Lake Wales, Florida.  We don't know original source but have not encountered it elsewhere.  Propagated and planted in Aiken South Carolina it thrived for many years in a sunny location with well-drained sandy soll until it was finally removed.   We continue to make rare plants available.  Fruit is supposedly edible but plant is apparently dioecious and sex of this clone is unknown.  

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USDA Hardiness Zone 8-9