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Quercus virginiana

Photo by Carl Dawson.

Live Oak

Live Oak is a magnificent broadspreading, massive, and long-lived evergreen tree that is beloved and well-known in the southern U.S. where it is native from Virginia to Texas.  This iconic oak is the state tree of Georgia.  Live Oak has 2-3 inch long entire leaves and typically branches low to the ground. It is widely planted wherever it is hardy and many ancient specimens exist throughout the Deep South. They are often decked with Spanish Moss. It is tolerant of a variety of well-drained soils but should only be planted where there is adequate space for it to become very large.  It is native as far north as southeastern Virginia but can be cultivated a bit above its native range. 

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40-50 Feet


60-100 Feet


USDA Hardiness Zone 7-10

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