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Myrcianthes fragrans 'Spineless Hedgehog'

Simpson Stopper

Simpson Stopper is a neat evergreen small tree or shrub with small leaves, white flowers, orange fruit, and nice exfoliating bark.  It is native to central and southern Florida.  It has surprisied us by being perfectly hardy here in Aiken, SC.  This very unusual dwarf selection is from Steve Reifler, AKA "The Hermit" in central Florida.  Steve has found or selected and named (but minimally profited from) a very wide selection of unusual and commercially offered native plants including several on our list.  He gave us this plant years ago and after propagating it we asked him to name it.  He typically responded with a name as unusual as the plant itself.  This little plant is small and slow growing with drooping branches that are rather brittle.  It is a natural bonsai and should find favor with bonsai enthusiasts.      

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1-2 feet


1-2 ft


USDA Hardiness Zone 8 - 10