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Rhododendron canescens 'Varnadoe's Pink'

Azalea, Piedmont 'Varnadoes's Pink'

 This native deciduous azalea has showy pink, fragrant flowers that blossom in early spring. Flower color can vary widely from pale to dark pink but this choice selection was from our friend the late great native azalea grower and genuine character, Aaron Varnadoe of Colquit, Georgia.  This selection has become a popular favorite.  It has dark pink abundant flowers and good growth habit and foliage.  It is sometimes called 'Varnadoe's Phlox Pink'.  The leaves are sometimes retained well into winter.  This species   is sometimes stoloniferous (spreads by underground stems). Grow in acidic soil and from nearly full shade to full sun. It does best in slightly damp soil. Flowers best in sunny location but foliage may look better with some shade, particularly in late summer. Overall an attractive and hardy plant.  Like most native azales this species hybridizes readily with other species which may flower nearby at the same time.  Rhododendron canescens is probably the most widespread native azalea species in the Southeast.

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USDA Hardiness Zone 6-9