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Rhododendron austrinum hybrid 'Stonewall Jackson'

Azalea hybrid 'Stonewall Jackson'

'Stonewall Jackson' is one of the "Confederate Series" of deciduous native azalea hybrids introduced by Tom Dodd, Jr. and Tom Dodd III of Semmes Alabama.  It is a hybrid between the Exbury Azalea 'Hotspur Yellow' and the Florida Azalea (Rhododednron austrinum).  It has large trusses of big yellow flowers with reddish tubes and red to pink tones.  These azaleas are great plants for the southern garden where they are best planted in sandy acid soil with good drainage, a mulch of pine straw, and under the light shade of tall pines.  

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8-10 feet


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USDA Hardiness Zone 6-9