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Maackia chinensis

Photo by Carl Dawson

Maackia, Chinese

This tree is similar to it's more familiar relative Maackia amurensis.  It is a deciduous small tree with pinnately compound leaves that have 11 to 13 leaflets that are smaller than those of M. amurensis.   It is native to central China and Dirr (Manual of Woody Landscape Plants) indicates that it may be less hardy than its Manchurian relative.  This suggests it may be a bit more heat tolerant.  Dirr says: [the leaflets] "are covered by a silvery gray pubescence as they emerge and give the effect of a Russian-olive during this period".   Of the more common species Dirr says:  "...the more I see of this tree the more impressed I am by its durability and general adaptation" so the same may apply.  Obtained from Massachusetts plantsman David Geiger. 

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USDA Hardiness Zone 5-8