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Rhododendron colemanii

Azalea, Red Hills

The Red Hills Azalea is a recently recognized species of native deciduous azalea first described in 2008.  It had previously been confused with Rhododendron alabamense which flowers earlier and has consistently white flowers with a yellow blotch.  The Red Hills Azalea is more restricted in its distribution being known from the inner coastal plain of southwest Georgia and southern Alabama.  It flowers in mid to late may and the flowers can be similar to R. alabamense or can be white, pink, or yellow with or without a blotch.  It is typically a multi-stemmed shrub and is as yet little-known in cultivation.  As with most native azaleas it should be planted in sandy acid soil that is well drained as the natural habitat is on slopes and along creeks.   

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10-12 feet


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USDA Hardiness Zone 6 - 9