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Fontanesia phillyreioides

Syrian Privet

Fontanesia is a deciduous shrub with narrow lanceolate opposite leaves which are several inches in length.  It in the olive family, related to privet, and apparently likewise tolerant of conditions.  It seems questionable as to whether the plant native in the Middle East and the one in China represent one or two species.  The former has been called Fontanesia phyllyreioides and the latter Fontanesia fortunei.  These being offered were labeled as the former at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, GA.  Supposedly this is a smaller growing shrub.  One in our Citywide Arboretum here in Aiken, South Carolina as Fontanesia fortunei is over 20 feet tall and with stems 6 inches in diameter.     

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4-8 feet


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USDA Hardiness Zone 4 - 8