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Olea europaea 'Favarol'

Olive, 'Favarol'

Olive is an evergreen Mediterranean small tree or large shrub with gray-green leathery leaves and small white fragrant flowers in axillary racemes in late summer. Fruits produced in dry climates are the source of commercial olives and olive oil. While generally winter hardy in the warmer parts of the southeastern U.S., it has not been a dependable fruit producer in the humid climate of the southern U.S.  There is however a recent large commercial olive grove in south Georgia so perhaps a suitable variety has been found.  Generally the olive has not been readily available in the South. The olive needs a deep, well-drained, fertile soil and sun.  There are many varieties of Olive.  This variety 'Favarol' is a very old Italian variety that we propagated from one at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, GA. 

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15-25 feet


15-20 feet


USDA Hardiness Zone 8-10