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Alnus maritima

Alder, Seaside

Seaside Alder is a medium to large deciduous shrub with glossy oval, toothed leaves.  Flowers are elongated catkins followed by small pinecone-like fruits.  This rare species is unusual in several respects.  It flowers in the fall, other native Alders flower in spring, and it has a very curious native range.  It is found in a limited area on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and adjacent Deleware, and in one area in Oklahoma.  A more recently discovered population is in north Georgia.  Genetic studies suggest that the now widely separated populations are distinct sub-species evolved from a once widespread population.  Our material is from the eastern population.  It is rare in cultivation but is adaptable to moist sunny locations and to ordinary garden soils. 

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12-15 feet


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USDA Hardiness Zone 6-9