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Citrus (x Citrus) Citrus sinensis x Ponciris trifoliata 'Morton'

Citrange, 'Morton'

Woodlanders has been a leader in offering a wide range of Citrus and Citrus hybrids which are hardy outdoors beyond the normal Citrus growing areas.  'Morton' Citrange is similar to other Sweet Orange x Trifoliate Orange hybrids in foliage and growth habit.  This makes it an attractive ornamental evergreen with fragrant white flowers and orange fruits.  The large fruits on 'Morton' however are ornamental and look like large, smooth skinned oranges with very few seeds.  It is said to "approach edibility" more than most Citranges but while not a citrus to eat "out of hand", the juice when diluted and sugar added can make a very refreshing "orange ade" drink.     

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10-15 Feet


10-12 Feet


USDA Hardiness Zone 7-10