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Hibiscus x sp. 'Peppermint Flare'

Hibiscus, Peppermint Flare

This perennial Hibiscus hybrid is a 2010 Texas Superstar award winner.  It was selected by Greg Grant and is floral sport or perhaps a seedling of 'Flare' a H. moscheutos hybrid developed by Dr. Sam McFadden of Somerville, Tennessee.  'Peppermint Flare' is notable for the very large 8-10 inch faint pink to white flowers with a red center and streaks of scarlet in the petals.  It is said to be a relatively short perennial 4-5 feet tall.  Like most native perennial Hibiscus species it is probably happy in very wet sites or in ordinary sunny garden situations with adequate water. 

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4-6 Feet


3-4 Feet