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Conradina sp.

Styx River Rosemary

Some years ago we introduced two selections of Conradina collected on Styx River in southern Alabama.  We called these "Low Gray" and "Low Green" and hope these clones may still be in cultivation somewhere.  In re-visiting the Styx River site we made several collections of cuttings from distinctly low growing plants.  This Conradina inhabits a sandy woodland and cutover area near Styx River and may represent a new and as yet undescribed species.  What appears to be the same plant occurs some miles to the east on Blackwater State Forest in northwest Florida.  It definitely differs from the more upright C. canescens on the Gulf Coast.  This is a nice aromatic ground-hugging  shrub with short green or gray needle like leaves and purple flowers.  Plant in sandy, well-drained soil with full sun.   

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USDA Hardiness Zone 7-9