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Ficus pumila x carica 'Ruth Bancroft'

Photo by Carl Dawson.

Hybrid Fig

A curious hybrid between the climbing fig (vine) and the edible fig (shrub) which is intermediate between the very different parents. This mostly deciduous and semi-vining shrub is grown mostly as a botanical or garden curiosity.  This form, which we are calling 'Ruth Bancroft' has more lobed leaves suggesting the Ficus carica parent.  It was shared with us by plantsman extraordinaire Sean Hogan of Cistus Nursery in Portland, Oregon who says it is from the garden of legendary California gardener Ruth Bancroft.  Having a plant traced to Ruth Bancroft's garden should be reason enough to grow it !  We were saddened to learn that Ms Bancroft passed away right after Thanksgiving (2017).  She was 109 !

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USDA Hardiness Zone 8