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Pinckneya bracteata (pubens)

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Photo courtesy of Jeff Stevens.

Georgia Feverbark Tree

Pinckneya is a large shrub or small deciduous tree with showy, pink, Poinsettia-like flowers (actually bracts) and 4-5 inch long oval leaves. It is found in scattered locations from southeastern South Carolina to Florida in moist, acid soil that is not subject to standing water. Plant in sun or part shade. Not an easy plant to grow but it grows well where it is happy and is striking when in flower. The common name "Feverbark" alludes to it's having once been used as a substitute for quinine to treat malaria.  A connoisseur plant that is rare and not readily available. 

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10-20 Feet


6-8 Feet


USDA Hardiness Zone 7?-10

Characteristics & Attributes

Growth Rate in the Garden
Slow to Moderate
Soil Properties
Sun Requirements
Full Sun or Part Shade