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Ipomoea macrorhiza

Big Root Moonflower

This rare night-flowering morning glory from coastal southeastern US is a perennial vine from a large tuber. It is presumed to have been introduced from Yucatan by aboriginal inhabitants in Pre-Columbian times and is sometimes found on Indian shell middens. The large tuberous roots of this sweet potato relative were probably a food item. It has attractive crinkled foliage and large pale pink flowers which bloom at night like the annual moonflower. Not known to have been available from nurseries prior to being offered by Woodlanders. Plant in good soil in a mostly sunny location where there is an arbor or something for it to climb on and where it can be enjoyed at night. It climbs by twining.

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USDA Hardiness Zone 8-10

Characteristics & Attributes

Sun Requirements
Full Sun to Light Shade