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Illicium mexicanum

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Mexican Anise Tree

The Mexican Illicium is a close relative of the southeastern native Illicium floridanum.  It has long and somewhat more pointed glossy leaves, slightly larger red flowers and an bloom period extended bloom through summer. This aromatic evergreen small tree or shrub should be planted in a site with  shade or semi-shade and in good soil that is well-drained but not excessively dry.  Woodlanders was the first U.S. nursery to offer this plant.  A number of years ago a government employee in Washington, D.C. named Harold Hopkins found the native Illicium floridanum on a visit to his home area in Mississippi.  He brought a sample to the U.S. National Arboretum to be identified.  He then studied up on the genus Illicium and discovered that there was a species in Mexico which was unknown in the U.S.  He established contact and communication with someone in Mexico who was able to collect the plant from the wild and send it to him.  He delivered it to the National Arboretum and they shared it with Woodlanders where it was propagated and offered to the American gardening public.  It was subsequently collected in Mexico by Yucca-do Nursery in Texas.  Learning that Illicium was related to Magnolia, Mr. Hopkins went on to study Magnolia and became president of the American Magnolia Society.    

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10-12 feet


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USDA Hardiness Zone 7-9

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