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Ipomoea fistulosa

Bush Morning Glory

Also known as Ipomoea carnea this essentially tropical "Morning Glory" from South America is not a vine but a perennial that grows to 8 feet or more.  It has big pink Morning Glory flowers and from a distance may be mistaken for one of the large perennial Hibiscus.  Plant in sunny location with good soil and ample space.  In zones 8 and 9 cut back plants after frost kills the tops. Mound 10 inches of coarse sand over the stubs. Mulch over with pine straw. As weather warms, remove this covering to allow new shoots to emerge. Given rich soil and ample water, these plants will thrive and make a show during hot summer months.

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6-9 feet


4-5 feet


USDA Hardiness Zone 8?-10