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Sageretia theezans
Common Name: Chinese Bird Plum

This scandent deciduous shrub with small leaves and fragrant small white flowers has long a favorite for Bonsai but is little known otherwise. We came across this plant in Houston, Texas and found that while it did well in our area it was vir...

Salix nigra 'Webb'
Common Name: Compact Willow 'Webb'
Black Willow is a common deciduous wetland tree in the South but this is a strikingly different vase-shaped form of Black Willow. It forms a small, dense tree. Like all willows it prospers along stream banks and low, moist areas. This unusual form i...

Salix sp. ? 'Rubykins'
Common Name: Willow 'Rubykins'

This willow is a vigorous deciduous shrub suited for moist site in sunny location.  The narrow leaves have a white back and midrib.  The slender branches bear small red catkins in spring.  It was received from Dr. Michael Dirr who i...

Salvia leucantha 'Midnight'
Common Name: Mexican Bush Sage

 This tall sage has spikes of purple flowers and in this selection the flowers are all purple withoug the white corollas of the common kind.  It flowers in summer.  It is a clump forming perennial sage that prefers rich ga...

Salvia leucantha x chipensis ? 'Phyllis Fancy'
Common Name: Salvia Hybrid 'Phyllis Fancy'

Salvia leucantha x elegans 'Anthony Parker'
Common Name:

This plant is a chance hybrid from the garden of our friend Frances Parker, gardener extraordinaire, in Beaufort, SC.  She named this wonderful tall bushy perennial for her grandson.  It has spikes of dark blue to purple flowers from lat...

Sarcandra glabra
Common Name:

Sarcandra is a highly decorative evergreen shrubby groundcover.  It grows to 1 to 2 feet and should be planted in  moist, acidic soil.  It is especially valued for it's orange-scarlet berries.  This plant is a woodland nat...

Sarcococca confusa
Common Name: Sweet Box

This Sweet Box is a low very handsome evergreen shrub to 5 feet tall with glossy leaves and fragrant but inconspicuous flowers. It is related to Boxwood and does well in shaded areas.  It's original home is uncertain but ...

Sarcococca ruscifolia
Common Name: Fragrant Sweet Box
Similar to S. confusa. Leaves somewhat broader, fragrant flowers, red fruit. (See DIR) Related to Boxwood, glossy leafed, shade-demanding evergreens....

Selaginella braunii (involvens)
Common Name: Chinese Lacefern

This attractive evergreen groundcover is quite fern-like but is not a fern.  It spreads in shady areas with good garden soil.  It is native to China.


Serenoa repens
Common Name: Saw Palmetto
Saw Palmetto is a small fan-leaf palm that is common in pinelands of the Deep South. It grows in full sun to light shade and is well adapted to warmer areas of the Southeastern United States. Normally a low, spreading palm with decumbent trunks but s...

Serissa foetida 'Kowloon'
Common Name: Yellow-rim

'Kowloon' is a Highly variegated form of this adaptable evergreen shrub. Non-fragrant white star-like small flowers bloom in May and June. This Asian shrub is a nice border plant for southern gardens and landscapes. Grow in well-drained soil in su...

Silene caroliniana 'Short and Sweet'
Common Name: Catchfly, 'Short and Sweet'

Silene caroliniana is native in woodlands locally but this selection from our friends at North Creek Nurseries is excellent.  Let North Creek tell it:  "More Info

Sinocalycanthus sinensis
Common Name: Chinese Sweetshrub

This large deciduous shrub was recently reclassified as a Calycanthus. It is somewhat like our native Calycanthus floridus but with larger 6 - 10 inch glossy leaves.  The cream-white blooms in late spring are larger than North Americ...

Smilax biflora var. biflora
Common Name: Chicken Wire Plant

This Smilax is a curious deciduous groundcover with small leaves and twiggy stems. A Woodlanders introduction that we obtained years ago from Brookside Gardens in Maryland. They had obtained this unusual plant as Smilax fragrans. We offer...

Solanum rantonnettii
Common Name: Blue Potato Bush

This South American shrub is perhaps correctly Lycianthes rantonetti. It is a scrambling vine-like shrub which is best trained up as a trellis or espalier plant where it can get up to 15 feet in mild areas. It is valued for the loose clus...

Solidago caesia
Common Name: Wreath Goldenrod
This graceful, yellow flowered ground cover is shade tolerant. It blooms from late summer through mid fall....

Solidago (Chrysoma) pauciflosculosa
Common Name: Goldenrod, Shrub

This is an evergreen shrub with grayish leaves.  Found in sterile dry sands of sandhills and old dunes in SC, GA, FL, and AL.  It is unusual being a woody shrub as other goldenrods are herbaceous perennials. Do not plant in shade or in r...

Sophora secundiflora
Common Name: Texas Mountain Laurel

Texas Mountainlaurel is no relation to the eastern Mountainlaurel (Kalmia).  It is a legume and forms an evergreen shrub or small tree with glossy foliage and clusters of fragrant purple flowers followed by seed pods with...

Speirantha gardenii
Common Name: False Lily of the Valley

Sperirantha is a relatively little-known Chinese woodland perennial with foliage resembling Lily of the Valley (Convallaria).  It seems to be a good little plant forming spreading clumps in the woodland or shady garden wh...

Spiraea virginiana
Common Name: Virginia Spirea

This spirea is a rare deciduous shrub with arching upright stems and small leaves. It bears paniculate clusters of creamy white flowers. It is found in a very few places along rocky stream banks in the southern Appalachians. It has...

Styrax obassia
Common Name: Fragrant Snowbell

This Snowbell is a small to medium size tree with white, fragrant flowers that bloom in mid-April in the South, later in the North. It has especially large foliage for a Styrax and gorgeous gray-brown bark. Ideal conditions include ample moisture ...

Syringa meyeri 'Palibin'
Common Name: Meyer Lilac

This lilac is a small-leaved deciduous shrub with abundant icy-pink flowers in May.  It is a compact shrub up to 5' tall and wide.  It is very floriferous.  easy to grow in good garden soil, and especially noteworthy ...

Botanical Name     Common Name