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Botanical Name     Common Name
Rhaphiolepis umbellata 'Blueberry Muffin'
Common Name: Indian Hawthorn

The leaves of this handsome Asian evergreen shrub are resistant to leaf spot   They are gray-green when they first open, and later mature to a dark green or blue-green color.  In winter the leaves may turn a subdued purple-green. The whi...

Rhododendron alabamense 'Frosty'
Common Name: Alabama Azalea 'Frosty'

'Frosty' is a named cultivar of Rhododendron alabamense (which see).  Cuttings of this form were shared with us by our "Plant Nut" friend Dean Jolly.  It is said to have been selected years ago in southwest Georgia by Terry...

Rhododendron arborescens
Common Name: Sweet Azalea

There are two forms of this native azalea. The plants in the Southern Appalachians and Piedmont bloom in late spring but in western Georgia and eastern Alabama they flower in summer.   This upright, loosely branched azalea has white frag...

Rhododendron atlanticum
Common Name: Coast Azalea

Rhododendron atlanticum is a dedciduous azalea of suckering habit (stoloniferous). The leaves are bluish-green. The white, clove -scented flowers occur with or slightly before the leaves. The corolla is covered with sticky glands.  T...

Rhododendron atlanticum 'Winterthur'
Common Name: Coast Azalea 'Winterthur'
See Rhododendron atlanticum. This is a superior compact selection. White flowers typical of the species. Not stoloniferous. Selected by the late Hal Bruce of Winterthur Gardens in Delaware....

Rhododendron austrinum
Common Name: Florida Azalea

The Florida Azalea is a large growing deciduous azalea.   The fragrant golden yellow flowers appear very early.  It blooms here in South Carolina in late March to early April.  It is one of the best native ...

Rhododendron canescens 'Clyo Red'
Common Name: Piedmont Azalea 'Clyo Red'

This deciduous native azalea is possibly a hybrid between R. canscens x R. flammeum though we consider it the deepest red-pink selection of Rhododendron canescens (which see). We found this Woodlanders introduction in Effingham C...

Rhododendron linearifolium
Common Name: Spider Azalea

A Japanese azales sometimes listed as Rhododendrom macrosepalum, this is a rare find in cultivation. Both the fushia colored flower petals and the dark green leaves are distinctly linear. Ths unique azalea's foliage often persists through...

Rhododendron x 'Koromo Shikibu'
Common Name: Azalea 'Koromo Shikibu'

This upright spreading evergreen shrub is probably a R. macrosepalum hybrid although often listed as a Kurume hybrid. The hairy evergreen leaves  turn a reddish color in the fall.  This azalea is unusual for the spider-type purplish...

Rhodoleia henryi
Common Name: xiao mai hong hua he

This beautiful evergreen shrub or tree from south China is little known in the U.S. and material in cultivation may be taxonomically confused.  This plant has more pointed leaves than our Rhodoleia championii and the specie...

Rhodotypos scandens
Common Name: Jetbead
Jetbead is a loosely branched deciduous shrub with somewhat arching branches. White 1-2 inch diameter flowers have four petals and are followed by persistent shiny black bead-like fruits which persist on the plant for many months. It is an "old fash...

Rhus aromatica
Common Name: Fragrant Sumac

This sumac is a fine textured deciduous shrub with leaves remarkably like poison oak but harmless, somewhat blue green, and aromatic.  Female plants produce clusters of hairy red fruit persistent into winter. Can be used for massing on b...

Rhus typhina
Common Name: Staghorn Sumac
Colonial shrub or small tree. Very adaptable to all sunny environments except water logged areas. Bright green pinnate leaves and redish-brown fuzzy stem. Leaves turn yellow, orange, and scarlet in fall. Greenish yellow flowers and persistent red fru...

Ribes curvatum
Common Name: Granite Gooseberry

Granite Gooseberry is a rare shrub found on rocky soils in widely scattered localities from Georgia to Texas.  It is a deciduous shrub with arching branches which root where they contact the ground.  It has rath...

Rohdea japonica 'Claudia Phelps'
Common Name: Sacred Lily of China

Rohdea makes a bold groundcover grown for its dark almost black tufted evergreen leaves.   This plant should be planted in the shade where it adds interest to a winter landscape.  The rather sizeable red berries are somewhat hidden ...

Rosa banksiae 'Albo-plena'
Common Name: Rose 'White Lady Banks'


Lady Banks Rose is an old southern Garden favorite.  This thornless climber has abundant but small lightly fragrant double yellow flowers in the typical form but this the form with double white flowers

Rosa banksiae 'Lutea'
Common Name: Rose 'Lady Banks'

Lady Banks Rose is an old southern Garden favorite.  This thornless climber has abundant but small lightly fragrant double yellow flowers in spring. This rose is very adaptable and vigorous and requires much less special care ...

Rosa hybrid 'Louis Philippe'
Common Name: Louis Philippe Rose

'Louis Philippe' Rose, also known as Cracker Rose is a long time favorite in the Deep South where it thrives and is quite trouble free.  It was introduced into Texas from France in 1834.  The 2-3 inch wide double flowers are re...

Rosa laevigata
Common Name: Cherokee Rose

A spreading, arching shrub that will climb over and around trees or any support. It has fragrant, pure white flowers about 4" across that bloom in April and May. This viney shrub also produces a red, bristly fruit. This evergreen rose has long bee...

Rosa laevigata x 'Anemone'
Common Name: Pink Cherokee Rose

A clear pink flowered clone of Rosa laevigata (which see). Very beautiful and adaptable but rarely available. Woodlanders was fortunate to get cuttings of this plant in the 1980's from Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania where it was be...

Rosa palustris
Common Name: Swamp Rose

This wild rose is a tall somewhat thorny shrub with fragrant single pink flowers.  It grows readily in wet soils and is useful for naturalizing along pond margins and in sunny to semi-shady wet sites.  This rose is native to eastern...

Rosa sp. 'Magic Dragon'
Common Name: Rose 'Magic Dragon'

'Magic Dragon' is a small-flowered deep red rose that is trailing or semi climbing, long blooming, and trouble free. Its leaves are small, dark green, and leathery. It blooms from mid spring to mid fall and should have full sun. George Mitchell go...

Rosa sp. 'Old Blush'
Common Name: China Rose 'Old Blush'

We don't usually sell a lot of roses but we love this old fashioned trouble free southern favorite with medium semi-double pink flowers in clusters. It is a rambling climber that is ideal for arbors, etc.  William Welch (P...

Rubus irenaeus
Common Name: Bigleaf Raspberry

This raspberry relative is an attractive trailing vine with large rounded evergreen leaves (6' or more diameter) and weak prickles.  It is a rare and handsome groundcover plant that can live in full shade to full sun. This plant is also attra...

Ruellia coccinea
Common Name: Yerba Maravilla
A warm climate perennial that is somewhat woody at the base, this Ruellia has bright red tubular flowers about 1 inch long in summer. It will rebloom if cut back. A showy subtropical species that does well in the Deep South as a perennial for semi-...
Botanical Name     Common Name