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Botanical Name     Common Name
Quercus acutissima
Common Name: Sawtooth Oak

Sawtooth Oak is a medium to large deciduous tree with leaves like a Chestnut tree.  It gives good yellow fall color and produces abundant large acorns with curious fuzzy acorn caps used in crafts.  It is an excellent shade tree or street...

Quercus acutissima 'Gobbler'
Common Name: Sawtooth Oak 'Gobbler'
Quercus acutissima 'Gobbler' is a deciduous dense, broad, oval-rounded to broad-rounded tree with low-slung, wide-spreading branches. The cultivar Gobbler is the result of open-pollinated progeny that produce early and abundant acorns. One of the fa...

Quercus alba
Common Name: White Oak
White Oak is a large imposing deciduous tree reaching 50 to 80 feet with a broad rounded crown. It is a long-lived, slow-growing oak. Many venerable specimens exist. The leaves with rounded lobes turn russet-red in fall and are widely recognized as...

Quercus arizonica
Common Name: Arizona White Oak

Quercus coccifera
Common Name: Kermes Oak



Quercus coccinea
Common Name: Scarlet Oak

Scarlet Oak is a large deciduous tree with deeply lobed glossy foliaged often with excellent scarlet fall color..  It is a highly ornamental shade tree tolerant of dry soil.  It has a growth habit similar to Pin Oak ...

Quercus frainetto x ?
Common Name: Hybrid Hungarian Oak

Quercus georgiana
Common Name: Georgia Oak

Georgia Oak is a rare, small deciduous tree in the Red Oak group. It is essentially restricted to west-central Georgia and in Alabama where it can be stunted and shrub-like on granite outcrops. Given a good site with acid soil it makes a very...

Quercus grisea
Common Name: Gray Oak



Quercus hemisphaerica
Common Name: Darlington Oak

Large, fast-growing tree much used as a street tree and shade tree in the South. It is almost evergreen and resembles Live Oak (Quercus virginiana) but is more upright and not so long-lived.  Sometimes confused with <...

Quercus lyrata
Common Name: Overcup Oak

Overcup Oak is a large deciduous tree found on floodplains and bottomlands in the eastern and central U.S. It is a round crowned tree that makes a good shade tree or street tree. It is adapatable to well-drained or poorly drained soils. Overcup Oa...

Quercus margaretta
Common Name: Margaret's Oak

This deciduous oak thrives in dry sandy soils where it can form an attractive small to medium sized tree.  It is like a smaller version of Post Oak (Quercus stellata) with more rounded lobes on the leaves.  Plant in well-draine...

Quercus michauxii
Common Name: Cow Oak

A large deciduous oak with dentate leaves and big acorns similar to Chestnut Oak but with bark like White Oak.  This oak is a bottomland hardwood and while native to floodplains it is an excellent shade tree or street tree on fertile upl...

Quercus phellos
Common Name: Willow Oak

This large native oak is a popular shade tree and street tree which grows 40 to 60 feet tall.  It has narrow willow-like leaves which are deciduous and give good yellow fall color.  It is native to the Atlantic coastal region from L...

Quercus prinoides
Common Name: Dwarf Chinquapin Oak

This uncommon deciduous oak is similar to Quercus muhlenbergii (Chinquapin Oak) but it grows as a large shrub or small tree.  It can be rhizomatous.  The Dwarf Chinquapin Oak is usually found on rather sterile sa...

Quercus pumila
Common Name: Runner Oak

Runner Oak is a low-growing deciduous oak with stiff willow-like leaves. It is a component of the fire maintained southern pine forests of the Coastal Plain of the southern U.S. where it forms large colonies which produce abundant acorns when only...

Quercus suber
Common Name: Cork Oak

Cork Oak is a spreading medium size tree with dull evergreen leaves about 2 inches long and with slight marginal serrations. It is native to the Mediterranean region where it's bark is harvested as the source of commercial cork in Spain and Portug...

Quercus virginiana
Common Name: Live Oak

Live Oak is a magnificent broadspreading, massive, and long-lived evergreen tree that is beloved and well-known in the southern U.S. where it is native from Virginia to Texas.  This iconic oak is the state tree of Georgia.  Live Oak...

Botanical Name     Common Name