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Parottia persica
Common Name: Persian Parottia

Persian Parrotia is a small to medium sized deciduous tree related to Witchhazel.  It is valued for its form, rich fall color, and attractive exfoliating bark. Dirr, Manual of Woody Landscape Plants says:  "outstanding orna...

Passiflora foetida var. gossypifolia
Common Name: Corona de Cristo
This is an herbaceous perennial vine climbing with tendrils. It has hairy lobed leave and 2 inch wide pink intricate flowers typical of Passiflora with feathery bracts beneath the flower. The vine is also noteworthy for the red fruits the size of s...

Passiflora incarnata x cincinnata 'Incense'
Common Name: Passionflower 'Incense' Hybrid

'Incense' Passionflower is a perennial climbing vine with three lobed leaves and very large and showy purple flowers over a long period in warm weather. It is a hybrid between our native Passiflora incarnata and the South American

Patrinia scabiosifolia 'Nagoya'
Common Name: Yellow Patrinia Cultivar

This yellow-flowered Japanese native is a tough perennial with oval rough leaves. The small flowers are persistent and held in inflorescenses above the foliage. It is good for cutting and a good perennial for sunny irrigated beds and borders ...

Patrinia villosa
Common Name: White Patrinia

Good perennial for warm climates introduced by Heronswood Nursery. Flat clusters of white flowers held above foliage. Plants are somewhat stoloniferous. A good plant for the sunny border.


Pavonia hastata
Common Name: Argentine Mallow

This shrub native to Argentina is a rather open growing semi-evergreen plant with narrow hastate leaves 2 to 3 inches long. Trimming or shearing will result in a more compact plant. Early blooms are cleistogamous ie. forming seed without opening b...

Persea borbonia
Common Name: Redbay

Redbay is an attractive medium size broadleaf evergreen tree related to the Avocado. Often confused with Swampbay (P. palustris), this species lacks the stellate pubescence on the underside of leaves, has fru...

Phellodendron amurense
Common Name: Amur Corktree

The Amur Corktree is a medium sized deciduous shade tree with pinnate compound leaves that are shiny deep green in summer and yellow in fall.  Old trees have very interesting and attractive corky bark.  Adaptable to various soils an...

Phlox divaricata louisiana
Common Name: Louisiana Phlox
A local variant of the blue phlox. (See ARM)...

Phoebe chekiangensis
Common Name: Phoebe

Dark foliaged evergreen tree with leaves much like the related Persea. This Chinese species had become a beautiful small tree in a city park here in Aiken. South Carolina but was unfortu;nately removed after an ice storm. Flowers inconspicuous but...

Phoebe sp.
Common Name:

Broadleaf evergreen tree in the Laurel family is related to Persea.  The genus Persea includes Redbay and Avocado. This species was recieved as seed from Nanjing, China as Phoebe neurantha, an apparently invalid name. This species seems ...

Photinia integrifolia
Common Name: Himalanan Choke Berry

Related to the Chinese Photinia (Photinia serrulata) this small evergreen tree is widespread in southeast Asia but virtually unknown in the U.S.  It is probably less cold hardy but maybe better than other Photinia in warmer zones....

Physostegia correllii
Common Name: Correll's Obedient Plant
This species of "Obedient Plant" or "False Dragonhead" is a robust, erect, somewhat succulent perennial from thick rhizomes. It has inch long lavender-pink flowers streaked or spotted with purple. It is a rare species found in scattered localities ...

Pieris ryukyuensis 'Temple Bells'
Common Name: Lily of the Valley Shrub

This evergreen shrub has glossy slightly toothed leaves which emerge bronze and turn dark green.  Dense clusters of hanging bell-like small white flowers in spring.  This species of Pieris is native to the Ryuku Isla...

Pithecoctenium cynanchoides
Common Name: Monkeycomb

This Woodlanders introduction is a semi-evergreen vine related to our native Crossvine (Bignonia capreolata). It is somwhat similar and climbs with tendrils, but has white flowers. We collected this in Cordoba Province, Argentina and it h...

Pittosporum tobira 'Variegata'
Common Name: Variegated Japanese Pittosporum

Japanese Pittosporum is a popular landscape plant in mild climate areas where it is a durable evergreen shrub with rounded glossy leaves and fragrant small white flowers.  It is quite salt tolerant and often used in seashore plantin...

Podocarpus acutifolius
Common Name: Totara, Needle-leaved

Needle-leaved Totara is a dense evergreen conifer with short, sharp-tip leaves.  It is native to New Zealand and seems to do well in the southern U.S. if site conditions are appropriate.  Plant in well-drained soil in sunny or semi shady...

Podocarpus macrophyllus (low growing)
Common Name: Yew, Southern

A low-growing selection of this popular southern conifer with flat needle-like evergreen leaves which spiral the stem. Woodlanders obtained cuttings of this form years ago from a plant at Tom Dodd Nurseries in Semmes, Alabama but have not met with...

Podranea ricasoliana
Common Name: Pink Trumpet Vine
Vigorous vine with compound leaves. Will likely freeze to ground in zones 8 and 9 but make much growth in warm weather with good conditions. Flowers are showy pink trumpets. Plant in sunny site with well-drained soil and allow ample space to climb....

Polygala x dalmaisiana
Common Name: Sweet Pea Shrub

This interesting fast-growing shrub is a hybrid between two South African species (P. opposistifolia x P. myrtifolia).  It has one inch long dull green leaves and an open growth habit.  The flowers are a lovely p...

Polygonatum falcatum 'Variegatum'
Common Name: Variegated Solomon's Seal

This Japanese perennial is a great plant for the woodland or shaded border. Polygonatum falcatum ( aka Polygonatum odoratum var. thunbergii) 'Variegatum' has striking summer foliage. It is easy to grow in shady or semi-shady area...

Polystichum acrostichoides
Common Name: Christmas Fern
This evergreen fern has rather coarse foliage but it is a durable fern for shady sites on well-drained but moist soil. Christmas Fern is one of the hardier evergreen ferns native to eastern North America and is a useful plant for the shady garden. T...

Prunus mume
Common Name: Japanse Flowering Apricot

The Japanese Flowering Apricot is a floriferous small to medium sized tree with white to pink almond scented flowers. In the South this blooms in mid to late winter.  It is a great favorite in Japanese landscapes and there are many named vari...

Pseudocydonia sinensis
Common Name: Chinese Quince

Small to medium size deciduous tree with dark green firm toothed leaves and gray, green and brown bark which flakes off to produce mosaic patterns.  Fall color is yellow to red.  In spring it has attractive soft pink flowers on old ...

Pteris multifida
Common Name: Spider Brake Fern
This Asian fern has fronds with narrow strap-like pinnae. It is widely naturalized in warm regions where it often grows in cracks of old masonry walls and other spots with high calcium soils such as moist shady spots along foundations, etc. ...

Pterostyrax corymbosa
Common Name: Little Epaulettetree
The Little Eupalette Tree is a rather rare small deciduous tree or large shrub native to eastern Asia. It has ovate bristle toothed leaves and panicles of fragrant white flowers in late spring/early summer follwed by 5-winged dry fruits. An interest...

Punica granatum 'California Sunset'
Common Name: Pomegranate 'California Sunset'

This flowering Pomegranate also known as 'Madame Legrelle', is a medium size deciduous shrub with very double coral-red flowers variegated with much white,  Flowers in summer and is long blooming but like other double-flowered forms...

Botanical Name     Common Name