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Notes for Customers Outside the U.S.A.

Few U.S. Nurseries will undertake shipments outside the United States. International shipments involve special packing, government regulations, much more paperwork, more risk, and little profit. However, we do offer many plants that are not available elsewhere and feel that we are performing a valuable service to horticulture by making these plants available worldwide. For over two decades most of our overseas shipments have reached their destinations in reasonable time and in very good condition. We are pleased that our plants now grow in many countries.

Please order in accord with your country's import regulations. Restrictions vary. Some plants may be prohibited.

Plant prices are per the current website posting. Add 20% to the plant total to cover packing and handling. Minimum plant order for international shipment is $350. No exceptions. Payment in U.S. dollars prior to shipment. Visa or Mastercard is preferred payment method.

Foreign customers may FAX orders and credit card numbers to (803) 648-7522. We will confirm receipt and dispatch by FAX or e-mail and charge card upon dispatch.

The U.S. Government inspects all foreign shipments and issues the phytosanitary certificates your country requires. We regret that beginning October 1st 2011 this Government fee has been increased from $77-$106 for orders over $1250. For orders under $1250 the fee has been increased from $42-$61. Please include the phyto fee.

Orders must be shipped by Air. We will use the most expedient and reasonable carrier possible, unless the customer chooses to arrange a feasible alternative. Shipping charges will be billed at-cost as soon as determined (i.e. upon dispatch). Every effort is made to insure viability and minimize weight = cost.

Foreign shipments will be made during January and February, while plants are dormant, when our schedule permits, and when we can arrange inspection and certification.

Customers anticipating the arrival of a plant order should establish and maintain contact with their customs and postal authorities and attempt to expedite delivery. Delays are most likely within the recipient's country.

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