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Many thanks to all of our friends and customers who have favored us with orders this fall. We hope the plants you have received will flourish and give you many years of pleasure. In the coming months we look forward to your continued support and hope you will tell your gardening friends about Woodlanders and recommend that they visit our website. A gift certificate from Woodlanders may be that perfect no-hassel gift.  Recipients choose their own plants which can get bigger, better, and give years of pleasure.  What other gifts do that? In the southern U.S. the typical winter day is great to be outside and it is a pleasant time to work in the garden. Frozen ground is almost never a problem and dormant plants can be planted throughout the winter. Friends in colder regions should likewise consider receiving dormant plants at this season. Even when they cannot be planted directly into the garden they can be temporarily heeled-in at a sheltered outdoor spot or they can be planted in containers and kept in a cool basement or garage until they can be planted.

Remember that here in the Deep South our spring comes early and plants begin active growth in March. During the latter weeks of our shipping season plants which have come out of dormancy become much more vulnerable to sub-freezing temperatures. We also remind all of our customers that while we try to keep our website current as to available plants, our stocks diminish each day as we fill orders so many plants become unavailable as the shipping season progresses. Thanks again, and again Best Wishes for the Holiday Season.