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In Woodlanders’ corner of the world we have been enjoying optimal weather: moderate temperatures, lower humidity, and abundant sunlight. All the variables that make fall planting a must in the Deep South.

If you live in the South we encourage you to order now and plant this fall. Spring is a long way off and often not the best time to plant.  Don't wait!  Planting in the fall brings the advantages of cooler weather and better soil moisture to achieve better root growth and higher survival rates. 

We have sold out of some of our more sought-after plants, so you are encouraged to decide now which of our beautiful and well-grown offerings will become treasures in your garden. 

Many of our customers who live in colder, more northerly regions where spring planting is more appropriate often order and receive their plants in the fall when our selection is at its peak. They find it works very well to re-pot the plants in suitable containers with potting soil that drains well, then keeping them in an enclosed garage or cool basement until they can be planted outdoors.  Plants that are dormant and not leafed out can be kept in a low light or dark place that stays cool.  

If you have any questions or can’t find the plants you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer nearly 1,000 kinds of rare, hard-to-find, and garden-worthy plants. Our shipping season is underway and ends April 30.