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New Plants

For more than a quarter century Woodlanders, Inc. has been making new plants available to gardeners. These include nursery propagated native plants not heretofore in cultivation or available from other nurseries. Also we have pioneered new introductions from around the world with emphasis on plants for the warmer climate areas. Many Woodlanders introductions are now much more widely available. This changing feature on our website will highlight different plants which will appeal especially to serious and adventurous gardeners who want to be on the "cutting edge."

General News


Our annual Open House & Plant Sale at Woodlanders, 1128 Colleton Avenue SE, Aiken, South Carolina. is scheduled for April 18 through April 25.  The hours are from 10 AM until 3 PM daily.  Please join us.

Our busy six month long shipping season ended March 31 and we’re working hard to make a large selection of plants available for purchase at Open House.  This 8 day event is the only time we do plant sales without a prior order. 

Don't forget that plants ordered through this website can be picked up at the nursery year-round, including during our Open House.  While we have selected many kinds of choice plants to be available at Open House, many additional plants found on our website are available if ordered in advance.  Click on "Shop Our Plants" and search  alphabetically by genus name for any specific plants you wish to order. 

Aiken is a horticultural destination of major importance.  We always look forward to having so many of you visit Aiken and  Woodlanders at this flowery season.